Please feel free to post your prayer request for today as a comment to this post. Your needs and intentions will be included in our daily offerings throughout the day and at the 3 o’clock hour for Divine Mercy, and your requests will be personally offered to our Heavenly Father, having faith in the words our Lord spoke to Saint Faustina, “Through the chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with My will.” (Diary, § 1731)


“Almighty and Most Loving God, it is on this special day, set apart by You, that we are reminded of the limitless Mercy which You desire to shower down upon each of us, Your children;

– through Your Holy Spirit, please give us Your grace enabling us to always open our hearts to the wonders of Your Divine Mercy, so that we ourselves may become living examples of Your Love and Mercy to others in our daily lives. For it is in this way that we truly become apostles of Your Mercy, forever repeating and living the words which our Lord Jesus, Himself, taught us, ‘Jesus, I trust in You!’ And may we always pray this prayer out of love and faith in His Most Holy Name. Amen.”


  1. Pray for my restoration of my relationship of me and Britney Danker.I hope we will forgive each other.I willing to be there when she is healthy and not well.Please keep in your prayer often.


  2. Please pray for my dearly beloved husband Mr.Anthony Samy and Adrian Jeremiah to repent and pray often


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