Mercy Minutes with Jesus (from Saint Faustina’s Diary)

March 20 ~ The Battle for Souls

Theme:  Do Not Fear; I Am with You

“When the clock struck twelve, my soul immersed itself more deeply in recollection, and I heard a voice in my soul: ‘Do not fear, My little child, you are not alone. Fight bravely, because My arm is supporting you; fight for the salvation of souls, exhorting them to trust in My mercy, as that is your task in this life and in the life to come.’ After these words, I received a deeper understanding of Divine Mercy. Only that soul who wants [hell] will be damned, for God condemns no one.” (Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 1452)

“Today I said to the Lord Jesus, ‘Do You see how many difficulties there are [to be overcome] before they will believe that You Yourself are the author of this work? And even now, not everyone believes in it.’ ‘Be at peace, My child; nothing can oppose My will. In spite of the murmuring and hostility of the sisters, My will shall be done in you in all its fullness, down to the last detail of My wishes and designs. Do not become sad about this; I too was a stumbling stone for some souls.’ (Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 1531)

My prayer response:

Lord Jesus, thank You for supporting us in our battle for souls. Despite opposition to Your work, may Your will be done in all its fullness. (Mercy Minutes with Jesus)


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