New Year’s Eve Prayer of Thanksgiving

Almighty and Most Merciful Father, on this last day of the year, we come before You with truly humbled and contrite hearts. We recognize the weaknesses of our human nature, and the many times we have offended Your Love for us. Yet, we also recognize and are thankful for the unfathomable Mercy which Your Eternal Love offers to each of us, as You constantly lift us up and invite us to remain close to You.

We thank You, Father, for the gift of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who took the frailties of our human nature upon Himself, so that He could walk amongst us teaching us about the profound wonders of Your Love and Mercy, and for reconciling us to Yourself through His Paschal Mystery.

We thank You, Father, for the gift of Your Spirit who guides us into knowing and loving You more intimately in our daily walks of faith, as we continue to develop and embrace each day of our lives a more loving and holier relationship with You, You who constantly invite each of us to be in oneness with Yourself.

We thank You, Father, for all the blessings of this past year – our life, our faith, the gift of love in our hearts which we hold for others and the love which others hold for us. We even thank You for the gift of our crosses which You have given us to bear, so that, when borne with a humble faith, we may conform ourselves more like unto Your Son, crosses which help to sanctify us on this side of Heaven and make us worthy of Your Kingdom.

Most Loving and Eternal Father, as we are about to begin the New Year, 2022, in this gift of life which we enjoy, help us to always grow in personal sanctity, confident in Your Loving and Merciful Presence always at our side, so that Your many gifts to us may only serve to give You glory, and so that our every thought, word and deed may serve to help build up the Body of Christ here on Earth in all those whom You place in our lives, as we await, with a persevering faith and an enduring hope, Your call, one day, to live with You forever.

We humbly offer this prayer of thanksgiving from the depths of our hearts in Jesus’ Most Holy Name. Amen.

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