Please know that I am continuing to answer each of your prayer requests. I humbly ask for your patience, as there has been almost 1,000 prayer requests received, and I am spending several hours each day attending to your prayer needs or requests, even to the point where I can barely focus on my computer screen.

But with the help of God’s grace, I will reach out to each and every one of you, for I will not let a single prayer request go unanswered.

And to bring you up to date on the true wonder of God’s Divine Providence, the miraculous image of the Child Jesus which I posted last Friday (November 19th) has now reached out to over 151,000 people in over 180 countries throughout the world with well over 1,000 shares, and the numbers keep increasing, as well as the prayer requests being received!

Praise be to the wonder of God’s Love for each and every one of us! Amen!

Peace and God blessings to all †
Ed Cole

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