Response to the Miraculous Image of the Child Jesus

As a result of the posting on November 19th of the miraculous image of the Child Jesus, it has touched the hearts of over 131,000 people throughout the world. There were over 950 shares and literally hundreds of messages being received from all over asking for more information, a copy of the photograph, and many, many prayer requests.

The first image I published came with an explanation of the reported history of this miraculous image:

Yesterday, I posted a much improved quality of the miraculous image :

May God truly bless all those whose hearts were touched by this miraculous image, and may our Lord Jesus grant you His blessings and His peace to each home where this image is present.

Please know that due to the great influx of messages being received, and they are still coming in, I will personally answer each prayer request or answer to the best of my ability whatever questions may be asked. It will take time to respond to each one. Yesterday, I spent all day and part of the night answering your many needs. Today, I will be doing the same, and I will continue to do so until I have responded to each and every single message.

All I humbly ask is your patience. I will eventually get around to each of your needs or concerns.

I sincerely pray that God will reward each of you for your faith in these very difficult times in which we are living today.

Peace and God’s blessings always
Ed Cole

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