Miraculous Image of the Child Jesus

I have received many questions from around the world about the photo of the Child Jesus. Here is a much improved image of the miraculous photo of the Child Jesus which I posted yesterday.


A religious monk, Blessed Charles de Foucauld (b.1858-d.1916), took a photo of the Eucharistic Jesus while it was exposed for adoration on the altar.

When the film was later developed, the above image of the Child Jesus miraculously appeared.

Sometime later, Jesus spoke to the monk and stated, “I promise to send My Blessings and My Peace to each home where the Image is found.”

In the difficult times in which we are living today, please share this image with your family and friends, so that God’s blessings may reach out across the world, and may His Divine Peace penetrate the hearts of all who reflect upon this image with faith.

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