Mercy Minutes with Jesus (from Saint Faustina’s Diary)

July 14 ~ Help Me Withstand Temptations

Theme:  Spiritual Warfare

[Saint Faustina was tempted repeatedly by Satan against her vocation of proclaiming God’s Mercy and praying for mercy for souls, especially sinners.]

“Finally, the tempter went away and I, exhausted, fell asleep immediately. In the morning, right after receiving Holy Communion, I went immediately to my cell and falling on my knees I renewed my act of submission in all things to the will of God. ‘Jesus, I ask You, give me the strength for battle. Let it be done to me according to Your most holy will. My soul is enamored of Your most holy will.’” (Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 1498)

“At that moment I saw Jesus, who said, ‘I am pleased with what you are doing. And you can continue to be at peace if you always do the best you can in respect to this work of mercy. Be absolutely as frank as possible with your confessor.

‘Satan gained nothing by tempting you, because you did not enter into conversation with him. Continue to act in this way. You gave Me great glory today by fighting so faithfully. Let it be confirmed and engraved on your heart that I am always with you, even if you do not feel My presence at the time of battle.’(Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 1499)

My prayer response:

Lord, may I be faithful to my vocation in life at times of temptation. May I not enter into temptation by conversation with the evil one. By the grace of Your Most Holy Presence, please help me to always withstand temptations which assault my heart, mind and soul. (Mercy Minutes with Jesus)


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