Mercy Minutes with Jesus (from Saint Faustina’s Diary)

May 11 ~ See the Human Race in Its Present Condition

Theme:  Meditate upon My Passion


“Then Jesus said to me, ‘Look and see the human race in its present condition.’ In an instant, I saw horrible things: the executioners left Jesus, and other people started scourging Him; they seized the scourges and struck the Lord mercilessly. These were priests, religious men and women, and high dignitaries of the Church, which surprised me greatly. There were lay people of all ages and walks of life. All vented their malice on the innocent Jesus.

“Seeing this, my heart fell as if into a mortal agony. And while the executioners had been scourging Him, Jesus had been silent and looking into the distance; but when those other souls I mentioned scourged Him, Jesus closed His eyes, and a soft, but most painful moan escaped from His Heart. And Jesus gave me to know in detail the gravity of the malice of these ungrateful souls: ‘You see, this is a torture greater than My death.’ Then my lips too fell silent, and I began to experience the agony of death…” (Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 445b)

My prayer response:

Lord Jesus, we see the human race in its present condition, for we have continued to scourge You without remorse! May the pain in my heart over Your pain bring solace to Your Heart, and may my love for You help console the deep anguish which You are feeling. (Mercy Minutes with Jesus)


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