Mercy Minutes with Jesus (from Saint Faustina’s Diary)

March 8 ~ A Great Interior Calm

Theme:  Do Not Fear; I Am with You

“I heard these words in my soul: ‘Do not fear anything. I am with you. These matters are in My hands and I will bring them to fruition according to My mercy, for nothing can oppose My will.’(Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 573)

“Do not fear anything; I am always with you.” (Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 613)

“In the evening, during Benediction, my soul was for some time in communion with God the Father. I felt I was in His hand like a little child, and I heard these words in my soul: ‘Do not fear anything, My daughter; all the adversaries will be shattered at My feet.’ At these words, a deep peace and a great interior calm entered my soul.”(Mercy Minutes with Jesus/Diary, 626)

My prayer response:

Jesus, my dearest Savior, thank You for repeating over and over again what I need to hear so often, “Fear not; I am with you.” And You add so tenderly, “I love you.” (Mercy Minutes with Jesus)


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