Meditation for the Day

Tuesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time, January 12

We Know That We Have a God upon Whom We Can Depend, for We Truly Are Children of a God Who Is Forever Mindful of Us:

We hear in our First Reading today, and also in our Responsorial Psalm, words of praise which the author to the Letter to the Hebrews attributes to the Savior of all mankind, “You made him for a little while lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor, subjecting all things under his feet.”

And yet, there are words found in today’s Readings which we can also apply to ourselves, for they speak to us of the very Heart and Mind of God, who not only created us, but also redeemed us at a great price – through the Blood of His own Son, “What is man that you are mindful of him?”

Each and every one of us, from the very moment of our conception in our mother’s womb, became a child of God – a son or a daughter of infinite value in the eyes of the Almighty, who so loved us from all eternity that He freely gave us a part of Himself, so that we could share our eternity with Him – for he gave us the gift of an immortal soul!

And in spite of the transgression of our first parents, God’s Love for His creation would not allow their sin to remain forever, for He promised that He would mend the torn relationship which existed between man and Himself. And His promise was fulfilled through the Incarnation and Holy Birth of His Divine Son!

The very Light of Christ Himself would “…shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death”, for the mission of God’s Son was to bring His children back into a righteous and holy relationship with His Father and ours.

And our Lord would accomplish this by first giving sight to the blind, healing the lame and the deaf, cleansing the lepers, casting out demons, raising the dead, and preaching the Good News that our God is a God of unfathomable Love and limitless Mercy, a God who knows each of His children more intimately than we know ourselves, a God who calls each of us by name to Himself!

Our Gospel story today gives us an insight into this mission which Jesus of Nazareth embraced, for we read that, “The people were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority…” And then, He exorcised a demonic spirit, and, in the display of His power over the spirits of darkness, He filled the witnesses in the synagogue with amazement and awe, as one having authority even over “unclean spirits”.

And in Sacred Scripture, Jesus proclaims to all who would listen, “This is the time of fulfillment. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.”

It is His Kingdom within each one of us which fills us with hope. And it is this “time of fulfillment” which gives meaning to our faith – a faith which allows us to recognize the blessings which God has given to us in this present age, even in the midst of sorrows and despair which we sometimes bear. For we know that we have a God upon whom we can depend – a God who has authority not only over the physical but also over the spiritual.

Jesus, the Only-Begotten Son of God, the Eternal Word made flesh, bids each of us, both you and me, to listen to His teachings and embrace the life to which He invites us – a life of virtue and holiness. And He also invites each of us to go to Him not only with our joys and happiness, but also with our anguish and miseries, even with our doubts and uncertainties.

May our trust, which we have in our relationship of love for and our dependence upon our God, fill us with an enduring hope, abiding confidence and endless joy – knowing that “…for God all things are possible” for those who open their hearts to Him and believe.

And with an ever increasing and deepening faith, may the words of the psalmist which we read in the Letter to the Hebrews become our own, “I will proclaim your name to my brethren, in the midst of the assembly I will praise you.”

For we truly are children of a God who is forever mindful of us!


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Scripture for the Day

  • “The people were astonished at [Jesus’] teaching, for he taught them as one having authority and not as the scribes.” (Mark 1:22)
  • “This is the time of fulfillment. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15)
  • “All were amazed and asked one another, ‘What is this? A new teaching with authority. He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him.’” (Mark 1:27)
  • “In the tender compassion of our God, the dawn from on high shall break upon us, to shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace.” (Luke 1:78-79)
  • “You made him for a little while lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor, subjecting all things under his feet.” (Hebrews 2:7-8a; Psalm 8:6-7))
  • “Jesus said to them in reply, ‘Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the poor have the good news proclaimed to them.’(Matthew 11:4-5)
  • “For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:20)
  • “Even all the hairs of your head are counted.” (Matthew 10:30)
  • “Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget, I will never forget you.” (Isaiah 49:15)
  • “I will tell of your name to my brethren; in the midst of the congregation I will praise you: You who fear the LORD, praise him! all you sons of Jacob, glorify him, and stand in awe of him, all you sons of Israel!” (Psalm 22:22-23)
  • “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of the great love he had for us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, brought us to life with Christ (by grace you have been saved), raised us up with him, and seated us with him in the heavens in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not from you; it is the gift of God.” (Ephesians 2:4-8)
  • “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.’(Matthew 19:26)


Prayer for the Day

“Almighty God, my Eternal and Most Loving Father,
from the fullness of my soul I adore You.
I am forever grateful that You have created me
in Your image and likeness,
and that You ever hold me in Your loving embrace.

“Direct me to love You with all my heart,
with all my soul, and with my whole mind.
Direct me to love all Your children as I love myself,
for it is in the self-sacrificing nature of our love
which we give to others that we best imitate You.

“O my Loving Father, my soul longs to be united with You,
and to rest in You forever.
Please send Your Holy Spirit to teach and enlighten me,
so that my love for You may imitate the Love
which Your Son and Your Spirit have for You.

“All this I ask out of love and faith
in the Most Holy Name of Your Divine Son,
Jesus Christ, our Eternal Lord and Savior. Amen.”


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