Mercy Minutes (from Saint Faustina’s Diary)

October 13 ~ Unsurpassable Happiness

Theme:  Happiness, Joy, Delight, Rejoice

“If there is a truly happy soul upon earth, it can only be a truly humble soul.” (Mercy Minutes/Diary, 593a)

“A humble soul does not trust itself, but places all its confidence in God. God defends the humble soul and lets Himself into its secrets, and the soul abides in unsurpassable happiness which no one can comprehend.” (Mercy Minutes/Diary, 593b)

“Happy is the soul that calls upon the mercy of the Lord.” (Mercy Minutes/Diary, 598)

“My goal is God…and my happiness is in accomplishing His will, and nothing in the world can disturb this happiness for me: no power, no force of any kind.” (Mercy Minutes/Diary, 775)


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