Finally, we come to the last of the four prayers which the Holy Spirit had guided me to create many years ago, for we find ourselves in the midst of a great spiritual battle, in which the principles and values of holy and moral conduct are diminished by an atheistic relativism prevalent in almost every corner of the world.

Sadly, we find God-fearing people being ridiculed, even persecuted in many countries, wherein the wonder of life has no meaning in the hearts of those who have lost their way, and where religious freedom is slowly being eroded away by those whose hearts have been darkened and seduced by Satan’s lies.

And we find intolerance and hatred filling the hearts, minds and souls of many of God’s children who are wandering in great darkness and can no longer find nor desire the Eternal Light of God’s Truth.

As a consequence, God is directing us, in the times in which we live today, to turn to His creation of the angels in Heaven to assist us, as well as support us in this holy battle for righteousness – a battle between good and evil which shall culminate, in God’s time, with the greatest Event since the Holy Birth of the Christ Child, an Event which Sacred Scripture speaks about time and time again!

May the assistance of all the holy angels and their prayerful intercession on our behalf and on behalf of all our loved ones protect us from the ravages of hate which fill Satan’s very nature, together with all his cohort of demonic spirits against all of God’s creation, and may our Most Merciful Father shield us with the omnipotence of His Divine Love and Mercy from all the assaults and deceptions with which the enemy of our souls wishes to harm us!

You may print this prayer, copy it and share it with your loved ones and friends, for this prayer and the other prayers I have given you belong to all of God’s children, so that our individual prayers raised to Heaven shall be as holy incense, bringing God’s Light to penetrate the hearts of many who have turned away from His Love and Mercy.  †



“O sweetest and dearest Guardian Angel, please know that I love and honor you and I sincerely thank Almighty God for His gift to me of your holy presence in my daily life, as you walk with me each moment and guide me along each step I take as I travel through this vale of tears.

“I now reach out to you in a very special way, imploring your assistance to reach out to all the holy angels whom Almighty God has given as Guardians to all my family members and loved ones, and all the members of our extended families throughout the world.

“It is God Himself who has directed His faithful children to beseech the help of all the Celestial Hosts to focus on the spiritual confrontation which is now taking place against all of God’s holy ones. The battle is now well underway across the face of the Earth, in which righteousness and holy conduct are ridiculed and scorned, and those who embrace God’s Truth in their lives are persecuted, some even martyred, by those who have given their hearts over to satanic evil.

“At the command of Almighty God, I reach out to all of you Holy Choirs of angels: Seraphim and Cherubim, Thrones and Dominations, Virtues and Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Guardian Angels who stand in God’s Most Holy and August Presence, you who remained faithful and true to The Divine Love, especially when Lucifer and his unholy legions of angels fell from the grace of God, when God’s holy wrath flared up against them through His great Archangel Michael, and all were forever driven from God’s Sacred and Eternal Presence.

“I beseech all you Holy Angelic Hosts, in the Most Holy Name of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word made flesh for our salvation, to unceasingly pray – pray for conversions of the heart; pray for healings of the soul; pray for true peace to regain the hearts and minds of God’s children; pray for the spiritual recovery of cities and entire nations which have given themselves over to evil, whose leaders and citizens have been seduced by the prince of lies; and please protect God’s faithful children from the evil that would ensnare them and endanger their spiritual salvation.

“All you Holy Guardian Angels and the entire Celestial Court, I entrust to you this most holy mission to commit yourselves to a sacred battle against all that is evil and profane in the world – all for God’s greater Honor and Glory and for the deliverance of many souls from the snares of the evil one!

“With deepest love and most heartfelt appreciation for fulfilling all that I am asking of you, may you receive the strength and the special grace and blessing of The Divine and Triune Love of Almighty God to fight against satanic hate; and may Saint Michael, the great Prince of all the Heavenly Hosts, go before you in this final confrontation against evil.

“I humbly pray this in Jesus’ Most Holy Name and by virtue of His Most Sorrowful Passion. Amen.”

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