Just as I posted for the past two Sundays the first and second of the four special prayers which the Holy Spirit had given me many years ago, today I am including the third prayer due to the spiritual battle and the presence of demonic evil which is already very prevalent throughout the world in these End Times.

It is a prayer which we are called to pray not only for family members, loved ones, friends and acquaintances, but also for all of God’s children throughout the world, since we are all subject to Satan’s spiritual assaults and moral deceptions, as well as a real lack of peace in the hearts of many of God’s children in today’s world.

This particular prayer includes those requests which our Lord has asked through His various statements and requests He had made to Saint Faustina which we find in her Diary, Divine Mercy in My Soul.

There are many events happening around the world today in many different countries which are oftentimes not reported by the liberal media, a media which has given itself over to the seductions of relativistic thinking – a thinking which originates from the mind of Satan himself.

And it is this thinking which has placed God’s children in the midst of a spiritual confrontation which is increasing each day – a confrontation which shall culminate, in God’s time, with the greatest Event since the Holy Birth of the Christ Child, an Event which Sacred Scripture speaks about time and time again!

You may print this prayer, copy and share it with your loved ones and friends, for it belongs to all of God’s children, so that our prayers raised to Heaven shall be as holy incense, bringing God’s Light to penetrate the hearts of all who have turned away from His Love and Mercy.



“Almighty and Most Merciful Father, please look with Your Divine Mercy upon not only our country, but all the nations of the world whose leaders and peoples have chosen to follow a path which is becoming more and more absent of Your Loving Presence and guidance.

“Lord God, You instilled within the hearts of men and women millennia ago the Natural Law, a moral code of behavior which You, Yourself, confirmed through Your Holy Commandments which You gave to Your servant, Moses, as well as the teachings of the fullness of Your Truth through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the enlightenments and guidance constantly given by Your Holy Spirit through the Magisterium of Your Holy Church, the Beloved Bride of Your Divine Son.

“Many of those in positions of authority throughout the world, however, have chosen to pass laws which offend Your Divine Goodness, preferring to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the social and moral laws which You established long ago – all for our spiritual, emotional and physical well-being.

“We humbly pray for all who are responsible for implementing these immoral and unjust decisions upon Your children, including all the various leaders of the world’s nations, as well as members of the various legislative and judicial branches of the different governments – that they may humble themselves before the Eternal Majesty of Your Divine Throne and open their hearts to Your Truth and embrace Your Divine will in their lives, promoting just and equitable laws for all the peoples within their respective countries.

“Almighty God, please look upon the hearts of all Your faithful children who still reach out to You each day with an ever-present hope, trusting in Your Goodness, imploring Your merciful and providential care on our behalf and Your blessings upon all our loved ones, and also on behalf of all who cannot defend themselves from the evil that is in the hearts of all who have abandoned Your Truth.

“Entrusting all to Your Divine Mercy and Your Compassionate Love, we humbly pray, Lord God, for all Your children who are innocent victims and are now suffering as a consequence of the social and moral injustices in our world, including:

  • Peoples’ lives who are needlessly injured or lost;
  • A culture of death in which the dignity of human life from conception to natural death is disregarded;
  • Disdain for the Divine Law regarding the sacredness of marriage in a holy relationship between a man and a woman, and the perversions of sexual conduct which result;
  • Contempt for the Christian teachings on morality, due to a general lessening of the concept of grave or serious sin;
  • Those who are displaced from their homes due to hostilities, economic distress or the ravages of nature;
  • Ever-increasing unemployment on a world-wide scale;
  • Those who needlessly suffer throughout the world from the life-altering effects of serious illness, hunger and exposure to nature’s elements; and
  • The continuing pandemic of COVID-19, which has claimed the lives of so many of your children.

“We humbly pray, Lord God, for all who are filled with fear and anxiety which reside in the hearts of many of Your children due to the uncertainty of their future, especially due to the increasing destruction by nature’s storms and also man-made violence in all its virulent forms, including:

  • Abuse of innocent people, especially women and children as a result of evil and immoral acts which are sanctioned by certain depraved cultures;
  • Civil unrest by those whose hearts are guided by evil;
  • Discrimination and persecution due to one’s religious beliefs in Your Truth;
  • As well as unjust and unholy wars and conflicts between peoples and nations throughout various parts of the world.

“Most Loving Father, please instill within each of us a greater awareness of – and an unwavering trust in – Your Divine Providence, and bring upon all Your children and Your creation a new Springtime of holiness and peace. Please renew the face of the Earth through the grace and power of Your Holy Spirit, so that Your Kingdom may always reign within our hearts as it does in Heaven.

“We humbly pray all this in Jesus’ Most Holy Name and by virtue of His Most Sorrowful Passion. Amen.”

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