Many years ago, the Holy Spirit gave me four special prayers due to the spiritual battle which is already well underway throughout the world in these End Times, and the fact that there are many Christians who have lost sight of their faith in God and who have turned their backs on His Divine Mercy, Goodness and Love, and also due to the fact that Christians worldwide, regardless of country or culture are being persecuted, some even physically threatened and killed for their faith.

This particular prayer is one in which we are called to pray not only for family members, loved ones, friends and acquaintances, but also for all of God’s children throughout the world, especially for all who have lost their way in life.

There are many events happening around the world today in many different countries which are oftentimes not reported by the liberal media, a media which has given itself over to the seductions of relativistic thinking – a thinking which originates from the mind of Satan himself.

And it is this thinking which has placed God’s children in the midst of a spiritual confrontation which is increasing each day – a confrontation which shall culminate, in God’s perfect time, with the greatest Event since the Holy Birth of the Christ Child, an event which Sacred Scripture speaks about time-and-time again – the Glorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

You may print this prayer, copy it, share it with your loved ones and friends, for this prayer belongs to all of God’s children, so that our prayers raised to Heaven shall be as holy incense, bringing God’s Light to penetrate the hearts of all who have turned away from His Love and Mercy.

This is the first of four special prayers. Next Sunday, I will post the second, and will do so each week until all four prayers have been published!

I sincerely wish each of you God’s peace and His many blessings!


Prayer for the Conversion of the Lost Sheep

“Almighty, Eternal and Most Loving Father, please look with Your Compassionate Mercy upon all Your children throughout the world who have lost their way and are wandering through life in spiritual darkness.

“Blinded by Satan’s lies which have seduced the minds and hearts of so many of Your children, they have fallen away from Your grace and have separated themselves from Your Love, and are like lost sheep, wandering about, groping their way through the darkness without the True Shepherd to guide them.

“With the assistance of Your Divine favor, may our prayers and our daily offerings for their conversion help to open their eyes and soften their hearts and guide them into recognizing You as the One True God.

“Please be merciful to Your lost children, Lord, especially the most rebellious and disobedient, and those whose hearts are hardened against Your Holy will – and open their ears to hear the true voice of the Good Shepherd calling out to them, inviting them to be enfolded in Your Most Loving, Sacred and Merciful Heart.

“Lord God, I humbly pray that the grace of a perfect contrition be granted to all Your children who are adrift in this unholy sea of spiritual darkness, and, in Your Divine Mercy and while there is still time for their conversion, especially including their final hour, please guide Your children to embrace Your Truth and reconcile themselves to all that is holy and true, and to all that pleases Your Divine will, so that Satan’s power over humanity may be forever broken.

“I humbly pray all this in Jesus’ Most Holy Name and by virtue of His Most Sorrowful Passion. Amen.”

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